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If you notice any issues with your certificate, please note that you cannot and should not try to modify/delete any field that is completed by us. In such events, your account will be suspended and you will risk a permanent ban with your training records being deleted from our system.

If there are any problems with your certificate, use the contact us form to reach us and we will make the appropriate changes for you, after we investigate the reason for these problems.

To start your course, you need to be inside “My Account” or Login (Top right corner of the website) and press “Launch Course” next to the course you wish to take.

No, we provide something better.

Train the trainer courses are provided by our competitors because none of them have a group training option so what they do is they charge you anywhere between $500-$1,000, upfront, every couple of years, for each course, to give you access to their training material. That means that, if you want, for example, to be able to offer 10 courses, you will need to pay anywhere between $5000 – $10,000 upfront, every couple of years, with no guarantee that you will ever be able to sell those courses.

With eSafetyFirst, you do not have to pay anything upfront. Since we offer group training, you can make a purchase, directly from our website, whenever you need to offer training to your customers.
For you, this means no risk but all the rewards, everything in an environment that is using the latest technology available and with courses that are frequently updated, at no extra cost.

With that being said, you can become a trainer and offer our solutions to anyone and you only have to pay whenever you have a client.

The certificate will be provided in a .PDF format. If you have an older operating system, you might need to download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to open PDF files and print your certificate information.

  • They don’t want it after they’ve purchase it.
  • The item did not meet their expectations or they feel the item is of low quality.
  • They simply change their mind.
  • They bought the item by mistake.
  • They do not have sufficient expertise to take a course.
  • They claim that they are entitled to a refund but do not provide a sufficient description of the reason they are entitled to a refund.