Can I sell my courses through your platform?

We do not offer such affiliate opportunities and have no plans to implement such features.
Such requests are considered unsolicited and will be reported as SPAM.

Do you offer affiliate or reseller solutions?

Our roadmap includes developing affiliate and reseller options; however, the current priorities are on a different side of the business.

Without an adequately tracked system, we prefer not to entertain such collaborations at this time.

Do you offer any career opportunities?

We hire constantly. However, we prefer to do it through a specialized platform rather than on our website.

Is eSafetyFirst interested in any partnership programs?

At this moment, we are interested in entering a partnership agreement in the following sectors:

  • Offline Safety Training / Blended Training Solutions.
  • Personal Protective Equipment Stores.
  • Corporate Solutions and Government Partnership.
  • Media Interviews/Articles in relationship with our industry.
  • Shares Acquisition of industry-related companies.

If you want to pitch a different offer or service, please note that this will be considered unsolicited contact and will be treated accordingly.

Do you provide train-the-trainer programs?

No, and there are no plans ever to implement such a program.

Always Here to Support

We understand that diving into safety courses can sometimes be overwhelming. If you have any questions, concerns, or need recommendations, our support team is here to help. Reach out to us anytime, and we'll ensure your safety training journey is smooth and beneficial.


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