What Is H2S Awareness Training?

H2S Awareness helps employees become familiarized with the properties of hydrogen sulfide, as well as the potential sources of exposure.

During this safety course, workers are introduced to the array of protective measures they must abide by in case of H2S hazards, such as wearing mandatory protective equipment. Employees are also taught how to appropriately respond in case of a hydrogen sulfide emergency.

Who Needs H2S Awareness Training?

The H2S Awareness certificate is suitable for any workplace where hydrogen sulfide may be encountered throughout daily operations. This is not a H2S Live course, which may be required by drilling and/or oil processing operations. The latter is a full-day, 8-hour training certificate with a practical component, whereas the H2S Awareness is an online, theoretical training that lasts for about 2 hours.

The industries below are the ones most likely to require H2S training for employees:

  • Oil & Gas.
  • Energy & Electricity.
  • Seismic.
  • Mining.
  • Construction.

Who Is Responsible for H2S Awareness Training?

It is the employer’s legal obligation to guarantee a safe workplace for their teams, which is why they are also the ones responsible for implementing H2S safety training where necessary. The worker’s obligation is to undergo the program and apply what they have learned throughout their work experience.

Because it often saves time and resources, potential job candidates complete H2S Awareness courses before they apply for a position, as a way to improve their CVs and employment prospects.

What is the difference between H2S Awareness and H2S Alive?

The H2S Awareness course is completely theory-based knowledge that gives you information on the H2S in the workplace. The H2S Alive course is a full day 8 hours course where you must go to a site or classroom. It also contains a practical based program.

Because many workplaces offer their own practical training, our H2S safety awareness course would be a perfect combination as it is much cheaper than the H2S Alive course. If your employer does not offer this option, you will need to check with them to see if they would prefer that you take the more expensive program in contrast to the online course.

What Do You Need to Learn?

By the conclusion of the H2S Awareness program, workers must be able to identify H2S hazards that are either naturally or artificially present and detect the toxic gas using appropriate instruments. Aside from being familiarized with the range of health effects associated with H2S exposure, students must also become familiar with the methods and equipment used in H2S control. Finally, employees are taught how to optimally respond in case of an emergency involving this gas.

How Long Is the Certificate Valid?

Because of the extensive health risks of working around H2S, it is recommended that employees complete the program every year. This minimizes the risk of H2S related accidents and ensures that legal requirements are abided. Some jobs will also demand H2S Live training, which is lengthier, more complex and usually done on-site.

What Other Courses Should I Take?

Those who purchase H2S Awareness also acquire courses in Personal Protective Equipment, WHMIS 2015, and Confined Spaces.

To consult a complete list of safety courses required by a specific line of work, please visit our consultation page, where the certifications are grouped according to individual jobs.

What Will You Learn?

Characteristics and Hazards of H2S 25:00

This module introduces the subject of Hydrogen Sulphide by discussing its definition, properties and hazards based on exposure level.

H2S Evaluation & Control 48:00

To protect workers from harmful hydrogen sulphide exposure, H2S should be evaluated, monitored and controlled by using engineering controls, developing administrative controls and wearing Personal Protective Equipment.

H2S Exposure Safety 10:00

With high levels of H2S, poisoning can be swift and deadly — with little warning. Workers need to be aware of warning signs, as well as how to react in case of exposure.

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