Refund Policy

  1. If after reasonable troubleshooting we have determined that a technical error, which comes from eSafetyFirst Canada, is restricting you to access your course, then a full refund will be processed.
  2. We will also provide a full refund if you made a purchase and you did not receive the product which we advertised on our website.

Apart from these 2 situations, all purchases are considered final.

If you are considering a refund because your bank notified you of an international transaction, please note that our card payment processing company, Paylike ApS, is located in Denmark.

This is why your transaction might be flagged by your bank but rest assured that all the courses are created in accordance with OHS Act & Regulations and are fully compliant with the Safety Standards in Canada.

If you are unable to access your course for technical reasons, please visit our FAQ section of the website or contact us using the details provided to you in our “Contact Us” page.

Please ensure that you meet the following system requirements before contacting us:

Refund Processing:

In the event that a refund is given, it will be processed via the same medium that the original purchase was made. Please allow at least 7 working business days for refunds or credits to be issued. No applicable taxes or service fees will be refunded under any circumstance.