Refund Policy

All purchases made through our website are considered final.
All customers agree to these conditions, in the checkout process, by accepting the Terms and Conditions presented.

Reasons that entitle a customer to obtain a full refund:

  • After reasonable troubleshooting, it has been determined that a technical error, caused by eSafetyFirst Canada’s technical infrastructure (website, platform, LMS etc.), is restricting the access to the purchase.
  • The product received by the customer is a different product than the one advertised on the product page.
  • The customer has purchased a different quantity than the one intended to be purchased. (*)

(*) In the event that the customer is trying to abuse our refund system and due to the fact that there are many costs associated with the purchase, eSafetyFirst Canada reserves the right to deny refund claims for incorrect quantities purchased.

Reasons that do not entitle a customer to obtain a refund:

  • Deciding the course is no longer needed or is not the course that wanted.
  • The course did not meet customers’ expectations.
  • The customer does not have sufficient expertise to take a course.
  • An employer/union prefers a different type of training.

Information needed to process a refund:

  • Transaction ID.
  • The customer’s identification (First Name, Last Name & Email address) of the transaction ID needs to match the details written in the contact form – only the customer can initiate a refund request.
  • A valid reason, as described above, which entitles the customer to execute their Terms and Conditions rights.

All refunds are returned via the original payment method.
Once a refund has been processed, the customer will lose access to the refunded services and, if there are no other active services, the account will be permanently removed from our system.

To request a refund, please use the Contact Form.