Training Options

Mix and match individual and group training options and decide what solution best suits your needs.
Training Options

Using our LMS

Using our system you can train your workforce together, at the same time, in what’s called “Group Training” option or individually, where the progress through the presentation is individualized, the workers can pause and resume as they would like, in a system called “Individual Training”.

Individual Training

This training method is a convenient option for companies training a small workforce, at their own pace.
No Minimum Group Size
How it works
Duration: 4:51
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The program is available 24/7 and can be accessed from any device.
The progress is individualized, and the program can be paused and resumed, adjusting to everyone's availability.
With unlimited exam attempts, workers comprehend the information presented according to their cognitive ability.

Group Training

Recommended for blended training courses where hands-on practical evaluation is a required component of the training program.
Minimum Group Size: 6 Workers
How it works
Duration: 5:12
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Train a large workforce at once.
Know which aspects of the training your workers are struggling to understand.
Offer a classroom training learning session from your workplace.
You don't need to find instructors and adjust to their availability when anyone deemed competent from your workplace can use our material and provide the same level of training.
For large companies with Video Projector and Training Room.

Choosing your Training Option

Whenever you purchase one of our programs, you are awarded with course credits of that particular course.

For example, purchasing 10 WHMIS courses provides the customer with 10 WHMIS credits.

Selecting which type of training option you prefer is a process that is done from within the customer’s User Panel, under the “Invite Users” option and it uses the same amount of credits meaning there is no difference in cost when choosing your training option.

You can select which one you prefer or mix and match between them and it’s entirely up to you how you decide to use this system.

In general, Group Training is usually deployed by larger companies with a study room and a video projector while Individual Training is one of the options that smaller companies prefer because they do not have such a setup within their workplace.

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SCORM Dispatch

Using your own LMS

Companies with their own LMS systems can implement our programs within their own LMS through a SCORM Dispatch option. We call this feature Course Licensing.

Using this option allows the customer to easily import both the presentation and the testing section within their LMS and further assign those programs to the employees.

Please note that Course Licensing is a feature that has some minimum requirements. You can read more about this feature by visiting the Course Licensing page.

Step-by-step process for creating a SCORM Dispatch for course licensing