Course Licensing

As a company, developing or outsourcing the license for an LMS comes with many benefits, such as learning and cost efficiency, privacy, one interface management, tracking, and scheduling training, among other things.

However, having an LMS without the content is like having a car with no gas - practically useless.

That's where eSafetyFirst comes in with our Course Licensing feature, available through our safety training platform.

We use SCORM exports, the industry standard for e-learning content, to integrate seamlessly with your existing LMS and deliver our top-notch content to your learners.

Why Choose eSafetyFirst for Your LMS Content Needs?

Creating your own LMS content may seem like a cost-efficient solution, but it's not viable in the long run. It requires a team of specialized trainers, licensing fees, content editors, tech personnel, project managers, and more. Plus, keeping the content up-to-date with industry legislation and standards can become a nightmare when many courses are involved.
Outsourcing to a specialized company may seem like the best option, but finding the right one can be a challenge. Most companies can only offer solutions for a couple of programs, and the cost of distribution can be high. However, eSafetyFirst is the best solution in the market, with 36 courses to choose from and no contracts or subscriptions required.

What you can expect from eSafetyFirst Course Licensing

eSafetyFirst is the perfect solution for companies looking to develop or outsource their Learning Machine System (LMS) so that they can effectively manage, track and schedule their training needs.
Reduce development costs

Select from 36 courses without any contracts or subscriptions required. Pay for only the number of seats you need and rest assured that course credits will not expire. You can use them or buy more whenever you need to.

Always up to date

We keep our programs in line with the latest industry standards, ensuring that they meet regulatory changes. And whenever a program changes, your SCORM files will be updated seamlessly.

Available immediately*

You don’t have to schedule appointments or sign up for long-term binding contracts or subscription services to use the Course Licensing feature. Once you purchase a program, you can immediately import it into your own LMS.

Works on any device

We understand that your workers may utilize different devices, browsers and screen sizes which is why our programs are developed to comply, resize and adapt to the viewer interface.


Available in both
English and French

We understand that language can be a barrier, which is why we offer our programs in both English and French. This solution caters to companies that operate in francophone provinces or have a workforce that speaks one language over the other.

How to get started

Step 1

Explore Course Gallery & Select Course

Step 2

Add the course to your cart ->

Checkout using multiple payment options: Credit card, Apple Pay, Paypal or Bank account transfer.
Step 3

Finalize the checkout

Enter your user profile information to create your account with us and pay for the course access.
Step 4

Assign Courses to Your Workers

Using our build-in system, you can assign multiple courses to your workers, and their accounts will be automatically created.
* Ensure you have at least 20 credits in your account to instantly unlock Course Licensing functionality!