What Is Personal Protective Equipment?

Serious injuries can be avoided altogether when workers are taught how to choose and use the correct equipment. According to Section 125 of the Canada Labour Code, businesses must ensure that all employees who are granted access to an establishment where they may require safety materials, equipment, devices, and clothing are provided with the latter. However, it is not enough to simply endow the workplace with a wide range of equipment. Workers must also receive proper training in using and maintaining their designated gear.

This course in Personal Protective Equipment approaches all types of gear, from headpieces and respirators to upper and lower body protection.

Who Needs Personal Protective Equipment?

All employees who are required to use personal protective equipment in order to safely perform work-related tasks must undergo proper training. As such, this course is geared towards current employees and can be purchased in bulk by businesses looking for an affordable solution to comply with the latest safety regulations.

Employees in the following industries are most likely to work with personal protective equipment on a daily basis:

  • Energy & Electricity,
  • Oil & Gas,
  • Seismic,
  • Logging & Forestry,
  • Mining,
  • Construction,
  • Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare,
  • Automotive & Manufacturing,
  • Waste Management.

Who Is Responsible for Personal Protective Equipment Training?

In Canada, the employer is legally responsible for the readiness of his or her employees to effectively use personal protective equipment at work. In other words, businesses must implement appropriate safety training in PPE for all employees.

On the other hand, it is the worker’s responsibility to dedicate the necessary time and resources to this safety program in order to become knowledgeable about PPE. In addition, many job candidates prefer to undergo the program independently to complete their CVs and increase their chance of being hired.

What Do You Need to Learn?

To complete this safety training program, you must be able to recognize different categories of PPE and their purpose. Furthermore, you must demonstrate that you know when and how such equipment should be used, as well as how to verify its integrity and maintain it.

How Long Is the Certificate Valid?

Employees who frequently work with personal protective equipment should re-take this course every year. New safety gear is introduced across most industries on a yearly basis, but if workers are not familiarized with its proper use, its efficiency is drastically reduced.

What Other Courses Should I Take?

This PPE training program is often bundled with courses in WHMIS 2015, NORM, H2S Awareness, and/or Asbestos Awareness.

For a comprehensive list of courses that may benefit you, please access our consultation page and select your job from the list. The suggested training programs are designed to prepare you for all hazards associated with your line of work.

What Will You Learn?

Course Overview 10:00

In this module you will learn about the Legal Requirements including the sections of OHSA and Canada Labour Code in Regards to PPE, the CSA Standards and General Conditions as well as the Responsibilities of Workers, Managers and Superviors when it comes to Personal Protective Equipment.

Specific PPE Guidance 35:00

Throughout this module, you will learn about proper selection and use of the following PPE: Head Protection, Eye and Face Protection, Ear Protection, Respiratory and Upper Body Protection, Hand and Arm Protection as well as Lower Body and Foot PPE.

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