Online Safety Training Consultation Guide

In the dynamic world of work, safety is paramount. But with diverse roles and industries, how do you pinpoint the exact safety training you need?

eSafetyFirst is tailored to guide you to the right safety courses, all compliant with Canada's OHS Act & Regulations.

Empowering Individuals & Employers

For the Informed Individual

Whether you're gearing up for a new job or advancing in your current role, the right safety certification can set you apart. But with employers demanding these certifications upfront, where do you start? Right here.

We provide insights into the safety training certificates sought after in various industries and roles.

For the Diligent Employer

Deciding which safety training courses your employees need starts with a hazard assessment. Unfortunately, not all employers can afford to get a personalized plan or be able to employ safety coordinators and safety audit services, which is why we have created this consultation page.

Below, you will find tailored recommendations based on the most common hazards in your industry or for a particular job title.

Getting Started: A Quick Guide

Step 1
Select your industry or job

Pick from the industry or job list provided below and start your journey.

Step 2
Get Tailored Recommendations

For your chosen path, we'll highlight relevant safety courses, each detailed succinctly to showcase its importance.

Step 3
Explore Your Options

Curious about a course? Discover its alignment with your career, along with bundle deals and individual purchase options.

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