What Is Defensive Driving?

Whether they use a personal or company automobile, many employees are required to drive as part of their quotidian tasks. As such, they are frequently exposed to the risk of car accidents, which can result in damaged property, as well as personal injury and even death.

This course in Defensive Driving aims to significantly lower this risk by teaching students how to change their driver behavior, recognize potential hazards before they occur, and effectively respond to an impending collision. The strategies that workers learn during this training program are useful in both their professional and personal lives.

Who Needs Defensive Driving?

All people who drive an automobile can benefit from training in Defensive Driving. The course is geared towards employees who frequently drive as part of their professional duties, but can also be purchased in bulk by businesses looking to comply with the latest safety regulations and considerably reduce lost time due to car-related injuries.

Although almost all employees drive a vehicle, some industries are more likely than others to require training in Defensive Driving. These include:

  • Oil & Gas,
  • Logistics (Shipping & Warehousing),
  • Waste Management,
  • Hospitality & Tourism,
  • Security.

Who Is Responsible for Training in Defensive Driving?

In Canada, businesses are required by law to ensure a safe work environment for all employees. As such, employers who often task workers to drive a vehicle must implement rigorous training in defensive driving.

The employee, on the other hand, must assume responsibility for the completion of the training program and the application of learned driving strategies in the workplace. Since driving is a commonplace requirement across numerous industries, many people looking to obtain a new job choose to independently acquire and complete this safety course to improve their CVs.

What Do You Need to Learn?

To obtain a certificate in Defensive Driving, you must demonstrate a broad understanding of environmental and personal hazards for drivers. You must also become familiar with the three-part collision prevention formula and be able to describe several driving strategies you will implement to reduce the risk of accidents while on the road.

How Long Is the Certificate Valid?

Employees who drive on a daily basis should re-take this training program each year. Car accidents can prove fatal even when one or several of the injured parties drive flawlessly. That is why, as a driver, you must keep yourself up to date with the latest safety regulations and collision prevention strategies.

What Other Courses Should I Take?

Defensive Driving is often paired with courses such as TDG, First Aid Awareness, Lone Worker, and/or WHMIS 2015.

For a comprehensive list of safety courses that is tailored to your specific line of work, please access our consultation page and select your job from the list.

What Will You Learn?

Defensive Driving Awareness 20:00

In this module you will learn why defensive driving training is important, how a safe driver should act when driving, what deems you fit to drive and the consequences of fatigue, alcohol, drugs, stress, illnesses and medical conditions which can affect your driving skills.

Maintaining Vehicle Safety 20:00

This module will provide valuable knowledge, information and skills that will familiarize you with techniques and procedures that will promote vehicle safety.

Defensive Driving Techniques 20:00

Throughout this module you will learn about driving errors, the defensive driving formula, space-cushion technique, stopping distance & safe driving tips for various conditions.

Bonus Content: Traffic Rules 20:00

This optional content will go over the speed limits, lane usage, pavement markings, intersections as well as traffic lights and signs.

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