What Is Workplace Mental Health Awareness?

Approximately one fifth of working Canadians suffer from a mental health issue during the course of their careers. However, employees tend to pay little attention to these illnesses, both because they lack the necessary information to properly acknowledge them and because most companies do not provide a support framework for the signaling and treatment of mental health disorders.

To promote a healthier work environment, both employees and their supervisors must first familiarize themselves with the nature of mental health illnesses and the reasons why it is essential to prevent and treat these issues before they take a severe turn. This safety course in workplace mental health awareness is designed for exactly such a purpose.

Who Needs Workplace Mental Health Awareness?

All Canadian workers and their employers can benefit from Workplace Mental Health Awareness training, especially since mental health disorders are reported across all types of industries and jobs. Even those who have not yet landed a job can take this course to better prepare themselves to deal with work-related psychological issues.

Due to the nature of their work, employees in certain industries are more likely to develop mental health issues. Such industries include:

  • Mining,
  • Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare,
  • Waste Management,
  • Office Work.

Who Is Responsible for Workplace Mental Health Awareness Training?

Mental health has traditionally been viewed as a very personal and intimate matter, yet employers are just as responsible for the psychological wellbeing of their workers as they are for the latter’s physical safety. It is therefore the obligation of businesses to ensure that employees have access to Workplace Mental Health Awareness training.

Meanwhile, workers must undergo training and acquire a number of different strategies to promote mental health or deal with work-related psychological issues. The course can also be completed by individuals prior to being hired in order to improve their CVs.

What Do You Need to Learn?

To complete this awareness training program, you must be able to define mental health and differentiate mental illness from stress and other conditions. You must also demonstrate knowledge of the different types of mental disorders and provide examples of the most frequently occurring psychological illnesses in the workplace. Finally, you should be able to describe preventative measures, as well as early detection strategies for mental health issues.

How Long Is the Certificate Valid?

Employees whose work predisposes them to developing mental illnesses should re-take this course on a yearly basis. Although less obvious than physical injuries, psychological issues that go untreated for extensive periods of time can be just as dangerous.

What Other Courses Should I Take?

Workplace Mental Health Awareness is often purchased together with Lone Worker Safety, Office Ergonomics, and Workplace Harassment.

If you’d like to consult a comprehensive list of safety courses best suited for your job, please visit our consultation page and navigate to your specific line of work. You will then be able to access a discounted bundle designed to prepare you for all the hazards associated with your work environment.

What Will You Learn?

Module 1 20:00

Throughout this module you will learn about the Definition of mental health and mental illness; The types of mental illness and Examples of how mental illnesses can affect workplaces.

Module 2 20:00

Throughout this module you will learn about the 4 most common types of mental illness (depression, anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder and PTSD), their symptoms and treatment or coping mechanism.

Bonus Content 30:00

Throughout this module you will learn about Mental Health Workplace Strategic Approach, The Steps Of an Integrated Program and Challenges which you may face when implementing such a program.

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