Food Safety Awareness Online Training

Food safety is of paramount importance for workers and supervisors in the food service industry, and for employees who have other people in their care. This awareness course is not designed to replace specialized training, but rather to serve to familiarize employees with the dangers of food poisoning and the measures that can be implemented to avoid the latter.

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What you will get:
  • 1 h 05 mins on-demand course videos
  • 3 modules (OHS Standards Compliant)
  • 3 tests (OHS Standards Compliant)
  • Certificate of Completion (PDF)
  • Unlimited Exam Attempts
  • Instant Access
  • Access on mobile, tablet, or desktop
  • Dedicated Support
  • Following the latest standards

What Will You Learn?

Understanding Food-Borne Illnesses 20:00

Throughout this module, you will learn about the spreading of germs, the three principles of food safety, the right way to wash your hands and the three ways to prevent cross-contamination.

Food Safety Practices 20:00

Throughout this module, you will learn about the three principles of food safety, temperature danger zone, cross-contamination and the three ways to prevent it.

Sanitary Conditions for Workers 25:00

Throughout this module, you will learn about the sanitary conditions, laws, requirements and responsibilities of workers and employers in each province of Canada.

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What Is Food Safety Awareness?

Although the Food Safety Awareness program does not represent a substitute for FoodSafe 1 & 2 Food Handlers Certifications, it can be of assistance for employees and those who oversee the health and safety of others. Caregivers, for example, routinely help seniors and/or children select and prepare their meals. As such, they should be able to identify food safety hazards and take preventative measures to avoid foodborne illnesses.

Who Needs Food Safety Awareness Training?

All workers who handle food daily must undergo specialized Food Safety training. However, some employees working in other industries can benefit from an awareness course that draws their attention to the potential dangers of consuming spoiled products. This program is an affordable solution for businesses seeking to improve food safety standards, but employees or potential job candidates can also complete the course individually. Certain industries are more likely to require Food Safety Awareness training. These include:

  • Agriculture & Food,
  • Education & Research.
  • Hospitality & Tourism,
  • Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare,

Who Is Responsible for Food Safety Awareness Training?

In Canada, businesses are required to ensure a safe work environment for all employees, although workers who carry out specialized tasks can also be penalized if they do so without proper training. The responsibility is therefore shared between the employer and the employee. The employer must provide access to Food Safety Awareness training where this is necessary. The employee must take the course, acquire important information, and apply the strategies they learn during their training in their work routines. Job candidates who have applied for a position that may require Food Safety Awareness can complete the course on their own, before being hired.

What Do You Need to Learn?

To complete this awareness program, you must understand the different types of foodborne illnesses, and be able to describe their effects and causes. In addition, you must acquire a series of food safety practices designed to prevent cross-contamination and maintain food items in an acceptable condition.

How Long Is the Certificate Valid?

Employees who routinely handle food for their clients should re-take this course on a yearly basis. Since food poisoning can have grave consequences, especially where children and the elderly are concerned, workers must constantly update their knowledge of the best safety practices.

What Other Courses Should I Take?

Food Safety Awareness is usually paired with Fire Safety, AODA Training, and WHMIS 2015. To consult a complete list of safety courses designed for your specific line of work, please visit the correct industry page and navigate to your job. The bundles recommended for each job aim to familiarize you with all the hazards you might encounter at work and prepare you to deal with the latter.

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Same-Day Certification
With eSafetyFirst, you don't have to chase instructors for your paperwork or wallet cards. With our training system, you can get the certificate on the same day, or you can learn at your own pace and decide when you want to finish your training.

How Food Safety Awareness Online Training Benefits You

Cheapest and most convenient

In today’s fast-paced society, Food Safety Awareness online courses have become the cheapest and most convenient solution to get your safety training done.

Save Time and Money

With Food Safety Awareness online training, you no longer need to schedule appointments, commute to a training facility, and spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on courses and materials, all because an offline training facility can’t keep up with modern solutions due to human resources.

Pause, Resume or Retake Exams

It is also significantly more convenient to opt for the Food Safety Awareness online training because it gives the attendant the option to start the training at any given time and gain full control of the content. Food Safety Awareness online courses give you the option to pause, resume, and even retake parts of the training that you did not fully master on your first try.

Course & Certification FAQs

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Is this course online?

All our courses are done online.

Some courses will also require a hands-on practice and evaluation component, in order to be compliant with your provincial worker compensation board. In this case, inside our courses (usually in the resource section), you will find the appropriate operator evaluation checklist so that your employer or supervisor can provide you with a workplace-specific evaluation, as recommended by the CSA standards.

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Do I have a limited time to finish the training?

You will have 1 year to complete your training. We believe this offers plenty of time to start and finish your training.

Can I take a course from a mobile device?

Yes. Our courses are cross-device compatible, meaning that you can take a course from a mobile device or tablet. You can also start the course on one device, pause, and resume it on a different one. The progress will be saved as you go through your training.

How can I find my certificate?

In most cases, this question is addressed to us by individuals who took the training with a different company. We, as a private company, can only store and access the data of our customers. If you did your training with a different company, then you need to contact them to get a copy of your certificate.

If you are a customer of then all you have to do is to login to your account from the top right corner of our website, and you can, at any time, download a copy of the certificate you received from us.

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At this moment we accept Visa Credit and Debit Cards as well as Mastercard Credit and Debit Cards.

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What am I paying for?

Our courses are structured in modules and testing sections.

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