What Is NORM?

NORM is a mandatory online safety course for employees who work in environments that contain naturally radioactive elements. The most frequently encountered NORM are thorium and uranium, as well as radium and radon gas, which are released by the former as they begin to decay.

Although working with NORM is regulated by territorial and provincial governments, the Canadian Guidelines for the Management of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials has recently been developed to set appropriate standards throughout the country.

Who Needs NORM?

Both employees and potential job candidates who are likely to come in contact with NORM in the workplace require rigorous training. The course is ideal for those looking to complete their CVs prior to employment, as well as for businesses that wish to comply with the latest safety regulations.

Industries that are most likely to demand NORM safety training include:

  • Oil & Gas,
  • Seismic,
  • Mining,
  • Logistics,
  • Construction,
  • Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare,
  • Waste Management.

Who Is Responsible for NORM Training?

Employers have the obligation to ensure a safe working environment for all employees. As such, they must implement the necessary safety training programs, including NORM, where needed.

At the same time, it is the employee who must complete the program and then apply appropriate strategies to maintain their safety and that of others while in the workplace. In addition, those in search of employment in a related industry can take it upon themselves to acquire and complete the program for a more competitive CV.

What Do You Need to Learn?

To successfully complete this training program, you must be able to define and recognize NORM, as well as discuss different types of radiation and the potential hazards associated with radioactivity. In addition, you should be able to demonstrate your grasp of effective working practices designed to keep you safe in environments that are contaminated with NORM.

How Long Is the Certificate Valid?

It is recommended that you re-take this course on a yearly basis. Working around radioactive materials can have life-threatening consequences, which is why you should always be up to speed with the latest safety standards.

What Other Courses Should I Take?

NORM Awareness is frequently purchased together with WHMIS 2015, H2S Awareness, and/or Personal Protective Equipment.

For a complete list of safety courses that may benefit you, please access our consultation page and select your specific job. You will then be able to access our customized recommendations for your line of work.

What Will You Learn?

Course Overview 20:00

In this module you will learn what NORM is, What Radiation is and the primary types of Radiation found in NORM, What are you most likely to be exposed to, How Radiation is Measured and the Radiation Regulations as well as where can NORM be found.

Risks, Hazards and Working with NORM 20:00

Throughout this module you will learn about Radioactive Health Hazards related to NORM, Exposure related Risks and Limits, Working with NORM and contamination as well as Controlling NORM and PPE.

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