What Is Conflict Resolution Training?

Conflict Resolution training is designed to give workers an outline of how and where they are likely to encounter disagreements when interacting with other people. The program’s aim is to teach individuals how to arrive at a peaceful consensus when divergences in opinion arise.

Although coming to an agreement benefits everybody involved, some clients or colleagues might not initially want to resolve their issue in a diplomatic way. Consequently, the course is also focused on strategies that can be used to avoid, as well as to resolve interpersonal conflicts.

Who Needs Conflict Resolution Training?

All employees who work with other people can benefit from Conflict Resolution training. However, some employees, such as those working in Education and Research, are likely to encounter an unusually high number of incidents based on animosity, competition, or mutual differences. The program is aimed at both current staff, as well as at future employees looking to improve their CV.

Employees in the following industries are more likely to require and/or benefit from the Conflict Resolution program:

  • Education and Research
  • Office Work
  • Logistics (Shipping and Warehousing)
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Security

Who Is Responsible for Conflict Resolution Training?

From a legal standpoint, the responsibility to ensure appropriate safety training falls on the employer. If the workers hired by a business are likely to encounter conflicts and disagreements on a daily basis, the former is then accountable for the implementation of Conflict Resolution training.

It falls upon the workers themselves to complete the required safety course(s), as well as to apply the knowledge and techniques they acquire in day-to-day work-related experiences. Many candidates choose to obtain any mandatory safety certifications, including Conflict Resolution, before they attend an interview, as this increases their odds of getting hired.

What Do You Need to Learn?

Employees who undergo Conflict Resolution training learn how to handle disputes in an efficient and constructive manner that is conductive to the growth of their work relationships. Being able to handle disagreements in a non-combative way is often a mandatory skill for those who work in Education or in Management and usually leads to professional growth and recognition.

How Long Is the Certificate Valid?

Workers who frequently manage or are part of conflicts should aim to re-take this course every year. Because our social and professional lives are often amalgamated, being able to handle and resolve conflictual incidents can greatly improve one’s work experience and personal wellbeing.

What Other Courses Should I Take?

This Conflict Resolution program is often acquired together with Office Ergonomics, Workplace Harassment, and/or Lone Worker.

To access a detailed list of safety certifications required by professionals in a particular line of work, please visit our consultation page where safety courses are grouped according to specific jobs.

What Will You Learn?

Course Overview 20:00

In this module you will learn why conflict resolution training is important, how to manage conflict, the 5 types of behavioural approaches and how and when to use each one of them.

Managing Conflict 20:00

This module is intended to highlight the impact conflict can have on companies, while also offering information and tips on how to deal with bad client situations.

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