Topic: Employer/Corporate Sales

Can I customize the course?

If you made a purchase with us, for more than 200 courses, you do have the option to brand or customize the course content.

To protect the quality of our presentation and to ensure that your changes are in accordance with the legislation, please note that this is not a self-serving solution and you will not receive the presentation material in a format which you can edit.

All changes that you desire will have to be approved by our editorial department.

To request changes, please visit and submit a request using our Contact Form Page.

I made a spelling mistake when I invited one of my workers. How can I fix it?

To fix this problem, you will have to navigate to the “Enrolled Users” tab from inside your account. In here you will see the list of workers attending your courses. If you notice any spelling mistake in either name or email address, you can click “Un-Enroll” next to the person you wish to change. A course credit will be reimbursed and you can invite them again, using the “Invite Users” function.

Please note that Un-Enroll function is only available if the individual has not started the course.

If they did start the course, then you need to use the contact page to reach us and we can make the changes required.

Can all my workers take the training from the same computer?

Yes. Please note that you do, however, have to log out after each session so the next worker can login using his/her personal details.

To log out from an account, you will have to click “My Account” from the top right corner of the website and once you are in your user control panel, click the “Log out” button from the left side menu.

Is there a pricing difference between Group and Individual Training?

No. The price is the same for both methods of training. The only difference between them is how the training system works.

Can I use the same email address to invite all my workers?

No. When you invite someone to take a course you need to enter, in the Worker’s Email field, an email address that is different than yours and which is unique for each worker.

If you have workers without an email address or you simply do not know their email address, you can opt for the second invitational system which does not require an email address.

To use this, select “Yes” in the checkbox that asks you: “Do you have workers without email address?” and complete the table.

Do I have to assign the courses right after purchasing them?

When you make a purchase on eSafetyFirst, the course credits do not expire. This means that if you pay for 30 courses but you end up using only 20, the remaining 10 credits will be available in your account until you actually use them.

How can I invite someone to take the course?

With eSafetyFirst, employers have two training options for their employees.

#1. Individual Training.
This method is recommended for small and medium companies.

With this option, each worker invited will have their own account, on eSafetyFirst, from where they can launch the course and begin their training and evaluation.

To use this method, login to your account and navigate to “Invite New Users” tab.

#2. Group Training.

This method is recommended for medium and large size companies that have a video projector and a room which can be used for training.

With this option, we require, at minimum, to have a group of 6 people taking the course and a person that will play the role of the trainer (launch the modules and unlock the testing section for the workers taking the course).

To use this method, login to your account and navigate to “Group Training” tab.

What discounts can I benefit from?

To achieve the best pricing for volume orders, eSafetyFirst Canada has developed a dynamic discount system which take into count not only which courses you want to order but also the quantity of them.

The way it works is that rather focusing on discounting just a specific product, as all our competitors are doing, we are taking into account your entire shopping bag quantity.

Let’s take an example so you can better understand how the system works.

Shopping bag Average Competitor
We Guarantee
The Best Price on the Market
3 Confined Space
3 Fall Arest
Price $44.95
Discount No Volume Discount
No Volume Discount
Total $299.7 Price $32.95
Discount 6 Products Volume Discount Total $254.7 You Save
17 Confined Space
4 Fall Arest
Price $32.95
Discount 17 Products Discount
No Volume Discount
Total $779.95 Price $20.95
Discount 21 Products Volume Discount Total $523.95 You Save

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