Topic: User Control Panel

How can I unsubscribe from eSafetyFirst emails?

Other than system messages such as order confirmation, user invitations & password reset we do not send out marketing emails. We respect our customer’s privacy and we try to limit our notifications to a minimum. 

With that being said, if you wish to not receive any email from us, you can opt out of our mailing services by visiting your account and clicking “Account Info” from the left side navigational menu.

How can I close my account on eSafetyFirst?

If, for any reason, you wish to have your account deleted from our system, you can do that by sending us an email or using the contact from.

Why am I unable to login into my account?

The most frequent reasons for login issues are:

i) Typing an incorrect username/password combination. If you are having difficulties with your password, you can contact us or change the password yourself, following the guide from the next FAQ.

ii) Trying to login with an account from a different company. Please note that you cannot login on eSafetyFirst with an account from a different company. If you are a client of a different private company, you can access your training from the respective website, not from our website.

How can I change/reset my password?

If you do not remember your password, you can reset it at this LINK.

If you are logged inside your account and want to change your password, you can find, under the account settings, on the left side a button called “Change Password”.

How can I create an account on eSafeteyFirst?

A customer account is created in the checkout process, where you will be asked, among other billing details, for an email & password.

If you are purchasing our courses for your employees, you do not need to create an account for them, because we already have systems in place, where you will just have to provide their First & Last names and the system will do the rest.

How can I start the course?

To start your course, you need to be inside “My Account” or Login (Top right corner of the website) and press “Launch Course” next to the course you wish to take.

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