Water Treatment Safety

Clean water is essential for a community’s livelihood and productivity, but employees who work in water treatment plants to ensure a steady supply of this vital liquid are exposed to a series of considerable risks. Accidents in water treatment can endanger workers’ lives but are almost entirely preventable if all employees undergo rigorous safety training as soon as they are hired.

Potential Hazards

The most common risks that exist in a water treatment plant include:

Incident Prevention

The two most important aspects of incident prevention in water treatment are safety training and the correct use of personal protective equipment. Without prior training, workers may not even be aware of the dangers that exist in a treatment plant. Such lack of knowledge is likely to result in an increased number of human errors, accidents, and injuries, whereas trained employees, on the other hand, are less likely to put themselves or their colleagues at risk. Appropriate training is a financial investment on behalf of the employer, but it is an investment that can save lives and considerably diminish future property loss.

At the same time, employees in a water treatment plant must have access to personal protective equipment and must be trained to properly use the later. Most types of exposures to hazardous chemicals can be avoided altogether if respirators, special glasses, chemical gloves, and overalls are used. This is even more so the case for workers who are required to enter confined spaces with an improper atmosphere and who are put at grave risk if not properly equipped beforehand.

Safety Courses Recommended for Water Treatment

What You Can Do to Stay Safe

As a water treatment plant employee, you must first understand that your health and safety are at risk, as well as acknowledge the factors that can lead to accidents, injuries, and/or illnesses. Safety courses are an effective way to gain such knowledge and to acquire a series of strategies that you can then implement to maintain your wellbeing and that of your colleagues. Throughout Canada, your employer is required by law to provide access to the necessary safety training.

For a more comprehensive list of safety courses best suited for water treatment, please visit our Waste Management industry page and select your specific job.

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