Underground Mining Safety

Underground mining is one of the most rigorously regulated sectors in Canada, and rightfully so. Even though the number of work-related accidents and fatalities has decreased over the years, serious injuries continue to be reported each year. An even stronger emphasis on appropriate safety training for all miners is therefore necessary.

Potential Hazards

The risks most commonly associated with underground mining include:

Incident Prevention

Competent supervision, rigorous safety training, and the proper use of personal protective equipment are all necessary steps that businesses must take in order to ensure the safety of an underground mine, its workers, and the surrounding community. Without the appropriate training, for example, miners may not be aware of all the dangers associated with their line of work and the number of incidents caused by human error can increase.

While some incidents are predictable and preventable, others might take workers and their supervisors by surprise. In both of these circumstances, however, the correct use of personal protective equipment can save lives and greatly reduce the number of injuries. Particularly in the case of workers who are routinely exposed to hazardous substances such as asbestos, respiratory protection is paramount.

Where all preventive measures fail, the ability of workers to respond efficiently and immediately during an emergency is another essential factor in terms of minimizing human and property loss. When fires break out, for instance, miners must be able to assess the situation and take immediate action to either contain the fire, evacuate the mine, or both.

Safety Courses Recommended for Underground Mining

What You Can Do to Stay Safe

Mining companies throughout Canada are under a legal obligation to provide rigorous training for all employees. As a worker who is routinely required to carry out tasks in an underground mine, the first step you must take to maintain your safety and that of your colleagues is to undergo the necessary safety courses.

To consult a more comprehensive list of safety courses designed to prepare you for the hazards associated with your line of work, please navigate to our Mining industry page and select your specific job.

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