Structural Features Installation Safety

In construction, structural features such as girders, beams, columns, and decking must be installed in order to properly distribute the weight of a building. Some of these features – such as various types of beams – must be installed at considerable heights, which can put workers at risk, especially if they have not received sufficient safety training.

Potential Hazards

The most common risks that construction workers face during the installation of structural features are:

Incident Prevention

To reduce the frequency of incidents during structural features installation, the most important step is to ensure the necessary safety training for all construction workers on site. In addition, there are a number of design and safety measures that can be implemented for the same purposes.

For example, personal protective gear for workers’ heads, as well as upper and lower bodies must be available at all times. Such equipment can minimize the injuries resulting from falls and accidental collisions with materials or on-site vehicles. PPE is also necessary to prevent health conditions resulting from high levels of noise and to avoid asbestos and H2S contamination.

While special vacuum lifts can be implemented in order to relieve some of the stress on the workers’ bodies, it is just as important that all employees are trained in the proper use of these machines in order to avoid accidents. Finally, quiet pumps, compressors, and generators can replace their noisier counterparts to create a more adequate work environment.

Recommended Safety Courses

What You Can Do to Stay Safe

As a construction worker who is frequently tasked with the installation of structural features in buildings, you must understand the potential hazards associated with your work environment and prepare yourself accordingly. The most effective measure you can take to ensure your safety and that of your colleagues is to receive proper training and implement what you learn in your daily routine.

To consult a complete list of safety courses recommended for you, please visit our construction industry page and select your specific job.

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