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Our history

eSafetyFirst Canada is a company founded in 2018 by Cosmin Rebegila, and it's now one of Canada's leading providers of online occupational health and safety training and services.

Before eSafetyFirst Canada, Cosmin Rebegila was the director of an internet marketing agency and occupied CMO positions in various organizations in Canada's Health & Safety industry.

Our vision

With more than 500 years of cumulative experience in the industry, eSafetyFirst Canada has developed and deployed online training and assessment modules to meet and exceed safety standards for workers and employers.

The company started as an ultra-competitive solution for small and medium-sized companies. Over time, with more and more investments in distribution methods and learning machine systems, it has grown to be loved by larger corporations and government organizations.

“We've always seen our product as the learning machine system. We didn't reinvent the wheel with online training, but we certainly made it easier for non-tech-savvy customers to access our programs.

Regarding the B2B market, we've implemented easy scaling solutions such as branch management solutions, bulk actions, course licensing or the group training option, which even today stands the test of time as we are the only company to offer such a solution.

Most companies have similar approaches to solving scaling and distribution problems, and we've looked into those and tried, in our process, to solve and improve various issues that their systems had"

Cosmin Rebegila
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Over 200,000 Workers Trained

With many years of experience, thousands of companies working with us, and an open ear for our customer's feedback, we ensure a user-friendly environment so that anyone with an internet connection can benefit from our services.

4.6 out of 5 Student Verified Reviews
Collage of company logos showcasing partnership with over 25,000 Canadian organizations, representing 200,000+ trained workers and highlighting years of expertise in providing a user-friendly online training environment. Collage of company logos showcasing partnership with over 25,000 Canadian organizations, representing 200,000+ trained workers and highlighting years of expertise in providing a user-friendly online training environment.
+ 25,000 Canadian organizations from all industries

Our solution

Scaling online training is one of many problems eSafetyFirst has tackled over the years. One of the most difficult challenges is handling equipment-related training, as most programs have hands-on practical evaluation components.

As such, we've updated and modernized all our equipment-related training and systems to follow training standards accepted by Worker Compensation Boards.

"At eSafetyFirst, we've always been upfront about such limitations. However, rather than hiding the fact, our approach was to inform the customer and provide them with the necessary resources to finalize their training process;[...]

Unfortunately, some CSA standards do not cover the hands-on practical portion in too much detail. Therefore, we've opted to provide templates from the counter-party ANSI standards used in the U.S., which are also accepted and recognized in Canada"

Cosmin Rebefila
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Our mission

The success of eSafetyFirst could not have been possible without the help of more than 100 individuals who contributed with their expertise to this project.

Striving to become best in the industry requires a very high skill set, and over the years, we've constantly employed the services of other companies, freelancers or employees to help us build this project.

"When I used to run the digital marketing agency before the eSafetyFirst project, I've always steered away from individuals that only had a single place of work or client as their previous experience.

Facing problems or challenges from various lines of work makes it possible to be competitive. That is why the eSafetyFirst project focused on hiring talent through various freelancing platforms or specialized companies in the industry.[...]

At any given point in our business, we've always had over 20 individuals working on this project and over 100 from various specializations ranging from server architecture to safety coordinators".

Cosmin Rebefila
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Company information

Mailing Address: 330 Av Avro Pointe-Claire, Quebec H9R 5W5, Canada
Full Company name: S.C. eSafety First Canada S.R.L.
Business Number: 754359107RT0001
QST Registration: 4044148027TQ0001
SK Registration: 7512122
Manitoba Registration: 754359107MT0001
BC Registration: PST-1465-2170
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