Window Washing Safety

Cleaning windows may seem like a simple task, but the job is actually as hazardous as it is necessary. The majority of accidents in this trade take place due to improper use of equipment or due to unreliable gear. In other words, most injuries can be prevented. To reduce the number of window washing incidents in your company, safety training is the first important step.

Potential Hazards

The most common risks associated with window washing are:

Incident Prevention

Personal protective equipment and properly functioning access gear are two of the most essential tools for professional window washers. However, providing the right equipment is not enough to ensure a worker’s safety. The latter must be aware of the potential hazards associated with their line of work and be able to use the gear correctly if they are to prevent an accident. This can only be achieved through proper training.

Provided that the equipment is safe to use and that employees are sufficiently trained in incident prevention, another step that cleaning businesses can take is the thorough assessment of each site. This can be done by visiting the site in question and identifying potential risk factors that may interfere with the work of a cleaning crew.

A number of factors must be considered during the assessment, including any windows that may be particularly difficult to reach, the weather forecast, any ground or overhead obstacles, the existence of proximate electric supply lines, and the stability of anchor points for rope and SAE access. Prior to the completion of the job itself, a report should be drawn up to address these issues accordingly.

Safety Courses Recommended for Window Washing

What You Can Do to Stay Safe

As a window cleaner, you have the right to be informed with regard to the hazards that are commonly associated with your line of work. Furthermore, your employer is required by law to provide sufficient safety training for you and your colleagues. By implementing the strategies you learn during these courses in your daily routine, you can significantly reduce the risks presented by washing windows at height.

For a complete list of safety courses best suited for window washing, please visit our Office Work industry page and navigate to the section dedicated to Cleaning Personnel.

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