Landscaping Safety

Although the end-result of a landscaping project is undoubtedly beautiful, the work itself is arduous and dangerous. From insect bites to pesticides, chemicals, working at height, and the use of power tools, landscaping employees are exposed to many risks on a daily basis.
To reduce the number of incidents and minimize possible injuries, all workers must receive appropriate safety training.

Potential Hazards

The most common risks associated with landscaping include:

Incident Prevention

To protect themselves against work-related injuries, landscapers must first become aware of the dangers associated with their work environment. Handling a certain power tool or vehicle, for example, should only be permitted once the employee has been rigorously trained to do so.

In addition, personal protective equipment plays an important role against most types of accidents. The right gear can minimize the damage caused by falls or mishandled equipment, but also the exposure to airborne hazardous substances and insect bites. Workers must avoid loose clothing and ensure that their bodies are covered at all times. When protective clothing is not an option, insect repellent should be used instead.

Finally, landscapers must be aware of the effects that weather can have on their wellbeing. Working in the heat or cold can put additional stress on the body and must not be done lightly. In areas where extreme weather patterns are common, employees must always know where to seek shelter in case of an emergency.

Safety Courses Recommended for Landscaping

What You Can Do to Stay Safe

As a landscaper, the best way to maintain your safety and that of your colleagues is to ensure that you are rigorously trained to face the potential hazards associated with your line of work. In Canada, your employer is required by law to provide access to the necessary safety training for you and your co-workers. You can then use the strategies you learn during these courses to improve your work routine and protect your health.

To consult a comprehensive list of safety courses best suited for a landscaper, please navigate to our Agriculture and Food industry page.

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