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Train Your Staff?

Comply with latest Occupational Health & Safety Act & Regulations.

Take all reasonable precautions to protect the health and safety of workers.

Follow the standards set by the Canadian Standards Association.

Why You Need to Train your Workers?

6 reasons Why you Should Train your Workers

  • Workers Must be Educated and Trained They have to understand the hazards and know how to work safely
  • Avoid fines and sanctions for not meeting OHS requirements (*).
  • Have your Workers Learn at their Own Pace Start, Pause, Resume & Retrain from the comfort of their home.
  • Instant Certification after Course Completion No more chasing instructors for paperwork or certificates.
  • You have the General Responsibility on your Shoulders As a employer you have the general responsibility to provide all of the hazard information possible.
  • Workers Must Participate in the Education and Training Sessions As a employer is your responsability to make sure that your workers follow the safe work procedures.

Training Options

Check how to quickly and easily you can create a Group Training

Individual Training
No Minimum Size Convenient for Workers
  • Take the course anywhere, anytime.
  • Pause and Resume whenever you need to.
  • Access from any device and browser.
  • Unlimited Exam Attempts
Recommended for small and medium companies. See How it Works
Group Training
Minimum Group Size: 6 Workers Convenient for Employers
  • Train a large workforce at once.
  • Stop chasing each worker to complete the training.
  • Know which questions your workers fail.
  • One Exam Re-Attempt per Module.
Recommended for large companies with Video Projector and Training Room. See How it Works
Online Certification Training for Your Workers

For employers who need to purchase multiple courses and quickly assign them to their workers.

$35 (-32%)
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Fall Protection
$80 (-31%)
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TDG Training
$35 (-23%)
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Confined Space
$50 (-26%)
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Chainsaw Safety
$80 (-31%)
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Bear Awareness
$35 (-23%)
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AODA Training
$35 (-23%)
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Unmatched Quantity Discounts

To achieve the best pricing for volume orders, eSafetyFirst Canada has developed a dynamic discount system which take into count not only which courses you will order but also the quantity of them.

The way it works is that rather focusing on discounting just a specific product, as all our competitors are doing, we are taking into account your entire shopping cart quantity.

Let’s take an example so you can better understand how the system works.

Shopping bag Average Competitor
We Guarantee
The Best Price on the Market
3 Confined Space
3 Fall Arest
Price $44.95
Discount No Volume Discount
No Volume Discount
Total $299.7 Price $32.95
Discount 6 Products Volume Discount Total $254.7 You Save
17 Confined Space
4 Fall Arest
Price $32.95
Discount 17 Products Discount
No Volume Discount
Total $779.95 Price $20.95
Discount 21 Products Volume Discount Total $523.95 You Save

How Online Training Benefits You

Cheapest and most convenient

In today’s fast paced society, online courses have become the cheapest and most convenient solution to get your safety training done.

Save Time and Money

With online training, you no longer need to schedule appointments, commute to a training facility and spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on courses and materials, all because an offline training facility can’t keep up with modern solutions due to human resources.

Large Catalog of Safety Courses

With online training you do not have to search for a training facility or a certified instructor for each safety training you want to implement. With eSafetyFirst, you have access to a catalog of 36 (and growing) safety training courses which you can implement in your workplace, from a push of a button.

Is Online Training as Good as Offline Training?

Developed by Trained and Specialized Personnel with Teaching Experience

With online training, you are guaranteed that the training material is developed by trained and specialized personnel with teaching experience. These professionals help you understand the content and ensure that you also have a good experience in doing so.

Both Offline and Online Training Fall Under the Same Regulations

From a legal point of view, both offline and online training fall under the same regulations and need to cover the same course structure and content so that you can be issued a certificate for your training.

Get Certified Today

How eSafetyFirst Can Help Your Business

With many years of experience, thousands of companies working with us, and an open ear to our customers’ feedback, we ensure a user-friendly environment so that any person with an internet connection can benefit from our services.

+ 3000 Other Companies
Certificate Management

As a employer, you’ll have the ability to view and print certificates at any time.

Easy Invitation System

Invite your entire workforce within minutes. Using our system, all you have to do is to type in their First & Last Name as well as an email address and they are good to go. Do you have workers without an email address? No worries; you can still train them using our second option specifically designed for them.


Did you make a spelling mistakes or perhaps a certain individual is no longer working in your company? Just click “Un-Enroll” next to their name! A course credit will be reimbursed and you can invite someone else, using the “Invite Users” function.

Enroll your Workers

Frequently Asked Questions

All our courses are compliant with OHS and the CSA Standards which the Worker Compensation Boards follow. However, there are some courses which also require the hands-on practice and evaluation, on top of the theoretical training and evaluation which is offered by the online training.

For these courses, we have included, in our training modules and in their respective resources section, an operator evaluation checklist which you can use to assist you with this hands-on practice and evaluation. This part of the training is done offline and has to be workplace specific and as such, it is not something that we are able to offer.

Once you finish with your checkout process, you will immediately be credited with the courses that you have purchased. You can then use the “Invite New Users” function or the “Group Training” option, depending on your preferred method of training, to assign the courses to your workers.

No. Each email used in the invitational process has to be unique for each person taking the course.

If your workers do not have an email address, you can use the invitation function for workers without an email address, by clicking “Yes” in the checkbox near the question “DO YOU HAVE WORKERS WITHOUT EMAIL ADDRESS?”. This will open a different invitation process that does not use email addresses for.

Yes. Please note that you do, however, have to log out after each session so the next worker can login using his personal details.

To log out from an account, you will have to click “My Account” from the top right corner of the website and once you are in your user control panel, click the “Log out” button.

Workers invited to take a course will have up to one year to complete their training so this should offer them plenty of time to do it.

Yes. When you pause a course, a bookmark will be left to that slide / module. You can later resume from there or chose to start from the beginning of the module.

If your workers are invited in an individual training system (they do the training from their own account), they will have unlimited exam attempts.

If your workers are participating in a group training, they will have one re-attempt per module. This is to prevent the entire group from waiting for certain individuals that are not paying attention to the training session.

Not at this moment. All our courses are online.

Still Have Questions?

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