In Canada, organizations are legally required to ensure a safe environment for their workers. As such, businesses must facilitate access to safety training to reduce health or injury risks where this might be needed.

At the same time, employees have the obligation to pursue safety courses, learn from them, and apply the knowledge in their work experiences. If both parties work towards achieving an injury-free work environment, chances are higher that such an environment will be readily achieved.

For Job Candidates

Are you looking for a job? Before you will get hired, your employer will ask you to complete your resume with some job-specific safety courses. Our industry pages are tailor-made for each job requirements. Each of them includes a complete list of safety training recommendations you might need for different jobs.

Having completed these courses beforehand will give you an advantage over other job candidates who might apply for the same position, while also making it easier for your employer to hire you as a professional.

For Businesses

Are you an organization looking to become compliant and increase your long-term success? These comprehensive lists of training courses will ensure your workers have the expertise required to stay safe in their workplace.

Our platform is designed to give you the information and training that is necessary to create a productive work environment where your employees can thrive and feel safe. By ensuring your new employees have gone through sufficient training, you guarantee their own safety, as well as that of your current staff.

How to Use Our Industry Pages

To access a list of safety course recommendations for a profession:

  1. select the industry you’re interested in
  2. navigate to a specific job.

The safety courses are organized in such a way so as to account for all the risks you or your employees might be facing as part of certain work responsibilities.

Our system will save you precious research time, as well as funds that you might otherwise spend on specialized consultancy. The bundles are designed to offer the best possible price for each individual safety course, which means you’ll save more if you buy them wholesale, rather than piecemeal.