When can I expect this card to arrive?

Before we delve any further into this FAQ, the first step is to make sure that you have requested your wallet card. Many customers order their wallet cards with the course purchase. By doing so, once they complete the course, they are asked to go into their account and request the wallet card from the left side menu tab, called “Wallet Cards”.
This step is required because we cannot issue cards prior to completing a course. Please make sure that you have completed this step and a notification message “Order has been placed” appears next to the wallet card you wish to receive.

We print and ship all wallet cards, from the past week, on every Tuesday. Once a card has been sent, it takes roughly 7 business days for it to arrive.

In the event that a wallet card is returned to our mailing address, due to missing or incorrect shipping details, which usually happens within a month from the shipping date, we will notify the customer about this situation, via email, and we will arrange for a new delivery.

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