My Payment was Declined. What to do?

There are multiple reasons why a payment might be refused by our payment processing system. Below you will find a list of common problems and the suggested solution:

Problem 1:
Your bank is refusing the transaction. This error can be due to any reason ranging from a certain daily limit of transactions/value imposed by your bank or insufficient funds.

If this happens, you need to contact the bank to find out the exact reason or use a different card.

Problem 2:
“Invalid CVC” – This means you have entered the 3 digits from the back of the card incorrectly. If this happens multiple times, we will block that card and won’t allow further payments from it.

Make sure you type in all the information correctly, as they appear on the card.

Problem 3:
“Insufficient Funds” – This means you do not have enough funds in your bank account or your credit limit was reached.

Use a different card or make sure you have enough funds available and then try again.

Problem 4:
“High Risk Level” – This means the card you are using had an unusual large number of failed transactions within the past 7 days and we won’t allow any payments from it.
Use a different card or try again in 7 days.

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