I wanted to purchase a different quantity. How to get a refund?

If your training course was not started, we can understand that this is not the intention you desired and, in most cases, we will issue a refund. Please use the Contact Form Page to let us know you need a refund.

Please note that this is solely at our discretion because we are not responsible of teaching you how to navigate on the internet so if you understand that it was a mistake from your side, we will refund your extra payments, even if we have to support the costs associated with a bigger payment than intended.

In the event that you throw a temper tantrum, blaming us for your mistake, especially when you have at least 3 pages you have to go through, before finishing your checkout and, at all steps, the quantity and total price is displayed on your screen, then we reserve the right to enforce our refund policy, to which you have agreed to, when you made your purchase, and no refund will be processed.