Can I advertise on eSafetyFirst?

There are 3 advertising options that we allow on eSafetyFirst:

Course Advertisement:

If you have a course, which is not in our library, that you wish to promote, we can add it to our gallery at the cost of 1/3 of our advertising traffic CPM, with a limit of 3 available slots per month.

In order to explain the cost, let’s take an example:

If our website gets 100.000 visitors per month, at an average cost of $100 for 1000 impressions, then your cost of advertising your course is $3333 per month.

It is important to note that we do recommend a longer period of advertising and the reason for that is because our course gallery has a sort by popularity filter which will list the most sold courses first.
While the first listed courses will get thousands of sales each month, the last courses will only get 20-30-40 sales per month, which is why, for best results, we recommend a longer advertising contract.

Link building / Promoted Guest Posting

If you wish to post an article on our website, the minimum content length is 700 words. This content has to be relevant to our industry and can include maximum 3 links per post.

The cost per article is $500.

Email Marketing:

While we do accept email marketing campaigns, please note that we do have strong restrictions as to what we allow. If this is something that you are interested in, please contact one of our representatives to discuss your promotion.

We request, from our advertisers, a minimum of 70%/30% information-promotion split.
We only accept products that are related to our industry.
The maximum width of an email is 600 px.
You can include images, links and provide your own template, but it has to be approved by our team.

For example, we can promote Personal Protection Equipment but we cannot promote random services such as web designing services just because we have a large database of companies in our database.

For a package including two or three of the promotional methods available, please use the contact form to reach us and discuss a better pricing.