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Stand out from the crowd with these mandatory training courses and get a job as Driller.

Why You Need These Courses as a Driller?

5 reasons why you should do it

  • Safety is the no. 1 priority. Learn to identify potential hazards and how to protect against them.
  • Avoid fines and sanctions for not meeting OHS requirements (*).
  • Learn at Your Own Pace. Start, Pause, Resume & Retrain from the comfort of your home.
  • Instant Certification after course completion. No more chasing instructors for paperwork or certificates.
  • 100% Employer Approved Training Across all Canadian’s Provinces.

The Importance of Driller Training


While the main benefit of these Driller courses is to teach you how to protect yourself and your coworkers against potential hazardous situations in the workplace, there are also some secondary advantages to having this training done prior to applying for a job as a Driller.

For example, getting certified before applying for a job shows your employer that you are proactive and that you mean business. This will highlight your resume and add skills to your CV that 9 out of 10 other job applicants are missing.

Am I Required to Have These Certificates as a Driller?

Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, you are required to have specialized safety training for various potential hazards that you may face as a part of your job.

While it is the employer’s legal obligation to guarantee a safe workplace, many sanctions are specifically created to target workers that are carrying their duties without proper training and certification. Facing monetary sanctions and even jail time, being uninformed is not an excuse!

How Driller Online Training Benefits You

Cheapest and most convenient

In today’s fast paced society, Driller online courses have become the cheapest and most convenient solution to get your safety training done.

Save Time and Money

With Driller online training, you no longer need to schedule appointments, commute to a training facility and spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on courses and materials, all because an offline training facility can’t keep up with modern solutions due to human resources.

Pause, Resume or Retake Exams

It is also significantly more convenient to opt for the Driller online training because it gives the attendant the option to start the training at any given time and gain full control of the content. Driller Online courses empower you with the option to pause, resume, and even retake parts of the training that you did not fully master on your first try.

Is Driller Online Training as Good as Offline Training?

Developed by Trained and Specialized Personnel with Teaching Experience

With online training, you are guaranteed that the training material is developed by trained and specialized personnel with teaching experience. These professionals help you understand the content and ensure that you also have a good experience in doing so.

Both Offline and Online Training Fall Under the Same Regulations

From a legal point of view, both offline and online training fall under the same regulations and need to cover the same course structure and content so that you can be issued a certificate for your training.

Get Certified Today

Certified Driller VS Non-Certified Driller

The main benefits of applying for a job with these safety courses on your CV compared to applying for a job without them:

Certified Non-certified
Advantage over other job seekers.
Familiarization with what the job involves
Knowing the potential hazards associated with the job
Satisfying employer requirements in regards to safety training
Avoiding legal sanctions or fines (*)

Certified Driller are More Likely to Get Hired


Don't have the required safety training courses.

Developed by Trained and Specialized Personnel with Teaching Experience

In a survey of company representatives working with eSafetyFirst Canada, the respondents contacted via email and phone in February 2020 said that 9 out of 10 job applicants do not have the required safety training courses when they attend an interview.


Prefer candidates with certified safety training over other candidates

Employers prefer candidates with certified safety training

They also confirmed that, on a scale from Insignificant to Very Important, they would prefer candidates with certified safety training over other candidates. This is why we believe that every job applicant should take these training courses prior to applying for a job in order to obtain a significant advantage.


Required to take these courses prior to beginning your work

Advantage over other job candidates

What’s more, even if you get a job without completing these courses, under the OHSA, you are still required to take them prior to beginning your work. As such, you can take the courses now, in your own time, and benefit from an advantage over other job candidates or rush into a costly and time sensitive solution because you are not allowed to do your job otherwise.

Got hired for a new job and they requested WHMIS and Fall Arrest, I called around and no one could book me in for the test right away. Went online and saw eSafetyFirst Ad and clicked on it. Was skeptical at the first but tried it anyways and it was an amazing experience. I passed both tests and now I'm employed thanks to this site. I strongly recommend it to anyone who's looking to get certified. Fast and reliable service. A+++

Manar Zora

Certified Driller are Likely to get a Better Salary

While it falls upon the employer to ensure a safe work environment for their workers, not all supervisors or managers have the time or resources to research and document the training required by each employee.

That is why, in today’s market, many employees will only take 1 or 2 of the required safety training courses. We have researched and developed training bundles specifically for Drillers, so that you or your employer don’t have to.

Increase your chances to get promoted on your job

By showing your employer that you have the necessary qualifications and have obtained specific knowledge required for your job, you will also improve your chances of being promoted over other coworkers in your line of work.

Check Training Bundles

Same Day Certification

With eSafetyFirst, you do not have to chase instructors for your paperwork or wallet cards. With our training system, you can get the certificate in the same day or you can learn at your own pace and decide when you want to finish your training.

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Accepted Across Entire Canada

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
  • New Brunswick
  • Yukon
  • Nova Scotia
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Quebec
  • Saskatchewan
  • Northwest Territories
  • Nunavut
  • Canada
  • Ontario

How it works

The process is actually very simple. Simple as 1, 2, 3

Purchase the Course

After you have completed your purchase, you can start your training immediately, from your account.


Start the training

You have unrestricted course access and unlimited exam attempts until you pass.


Print Certificate

If you passed all the exams, you will immediately receive a certificate which you can download and print.

What Type of Driller Courses are Available?

We have carefully evaluated the job description and duties of Driller and selected required and recommended courses for this profession.

Below is the list of courses that you can purchase individually We strongly recommend that you opt for the bundle solution as it includes all of the mentioned courses and guarantees the best price on the market for each.
Hazard Awareness

4% of the total number of employees, employed in the mining sector, experience injuries at work, most of them due to lack of training in hazard identification and control. This course focuses on identifying and controlling hazards, as well as how to report them or refuse work if you don't consider it safe. 

Price / Course
$35 (-23%)
Deal Ends In
You save $8.05 (-23%)
Ground Disturbance for Workers

It is inevitable that during mining activities, the soil profile is altered, thus resulting in the disturbance of the ground. Employees involved in the mining sector must undergo ground disturbance safety training in order to have a better understanding of the risks and hazards involved. This course helps workers acknowledge the hazards of ground disturbance, as well as how to control and prevent any accident. 

Price / Course
$50 (-26%)
Deal Ends In
You save $13.05 (-26%)
Heat Stress Awareness Training

Excessive physical effort, poor ventilation, and the use of machinery inside a mine can all contribute to an unusually high body temperature. This course draws your attention to the dangers of prolonged exposure to heat and provides information that can help you better manage heat stress.

Price / Course
$35 (-23%)
Deal Ends In
You save $8.05 (-23%)
PPE Safety Training

The majority of work-related Mining accidents can be avoided or mitigated through the proper use of personal protective equipment (or PPE). This course teaches you about the different types of protective equipment for your upper body, lower body, and head, as well as about correct use and maintenance.

Price / Course
$50 (-26%)
Deal Ends In
You save $13.05 (-26%)
Respirators Safety Training

Respirable dust and airborne toxic substances are pressing concerns for almost all workers in the Mining industry. This course focuses on the proper use and maintenance of protective equipment, which can help you shield yourself from long-term illnesses of the respiratory system.

Price / Course
$50 (-26%)
Deal Ends In
You save $13.05 (-26%)
NORM Safety Awareness

Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) such as Uranium, Thorium, and the by-products associated with their decay are commonly found in mines. This training program teaches you how to recognize NORM and work safely in an environment where such substances are present.

Price / Course
$50 (-26%)
Deal Ends In
You save $13.05 (-26%)

According to the Government of Canada’s 2015 Hazardous Products Act, all employees who are likely to come in contact with hazardous materials while at work are required to undergo the WHMIS 2015 training program. This course provides information on how to identify and safely handle hazardous materials to maintain your safety and that of other workers.

Price / Course
$35 (-32%)
Deal Ends In
You save $11.05 (-32%)
Lock Out/Tag Out

The second most common cause of injury in Mining has to do with the incorrect use of equipment. This course draws your attention to the importance of properly turning off dangerous machinery or power sources to maintain a safe environment at work. Its focus is the lockout-tagout procedure, which you can learn in order to secure perilous equipment while it is not in use.

Price / Course
$35 (-23%)
Deal Ends In
You save $8.05 (-23%)
Confined Space

Almost all employees in the Mining sector may, at one point, be required to enter and work in very limited spaces. This awareness course is designed to help you evaluate a confined space and its ventilation so that you may conduct your tasks safely even in these potentially hazardous environments.

Price / Course
$50 (-26%)
Deal Ends In
You save $13.05 (-26%)
H2S Awareness Training

Miners are often required to conduct work-related tasks through H2S zones. Hydrogen Sulfide (or H2S) is a poisonous gas that can be fatal if not handled properly. This course gives you information about identifying, measuring, and working with H2S, while also outlining potential hazards and safety precautions.

Price / Course
$50 (-26%)
Deal Ends In
You save $13.05 (-26%)

Smart H2S Awareness Online Trainings are Saving Over $172.5

With our bundle solution, you have access to all the courses mentioned above and are guaranteed the best price on the market vs a separate acquisition of the same courses.

Driller Courses Bundle

If you are working as a H2S Awareness Online Training, these are the safety courses recommended for you:

Hazard Awareness $26.95
Ground Disturbance for Workers $36.95
Heat Stress Awareness Training $26.95
PPE Safety Training $36.95
Respirators Safety Training $36.95
NORM Safety Awareness $36.95
Lock Out/Tag Out $26.95
Confined Space $36.95
H2S Awareness Training $36.95
WHMIS $23.95
Bought Separately $326.5
Bundle price $154
Buy Bundle Save: $172.5 (-53%)

We Guarantee The Best Price on the Market and Challenge You to Find a Better Option

If you do find what we offer in our bundles at a better price,
we will credit you twice the difference between us and the competitor’s solution.

How do I Complete an Exam?

Our courses are structured in training modules and quizzes.

You will first have to go through the training material and then score a minimum of 80% correct responses on the test in order to pass and advance towards your certification.

What Happens if I Fail an Exam?

You Get Infinite Number of Attempts

Unlike in the case of offline training, our online courses give you unlimited access to training material and an infinite number of attempts.

If you fail to obtain a passing score in the testing section, you can relaunch the training material and the test as many times as needed until you pass and earn your certification.

What Happens when I finish?

At the End of Your Training, You Will Receive a Printable (PDF) Certificate

This document will have 2 pages. The first page is a wallet sized card which you, as an employee, will have to keep with you at any time during your working hours. The second page is what the employer will need to file and store.

For your convenience, you can also opt in to get a wallet card directly from us. Although this comes at an extra cost, it will save you the trouble of having to make your own wallet card from the printable version of the certificate.


The desire to work is only the first step towards obtaining a job as H2S Awareness Online Training. You can now improve your chances of getting hired by your target company by taking these training courses and having a CV that will stand out from those of other applicants for the same job.

These courses are required under the Occupational Health & Safety Act (OHSA), so you can take them now, in your own time, and reap the benefits, or you can rush into an expensive and unresearched solution when you are constrained by time and your employer presses you to obtain your certifications before you can actually start your work.

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